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Another World Record for Natalia

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Natalia Molchanova of Russia did it again, a NEW World Record in the discipline of Free Immersion!  She reached the amazing depth of –90 meters. This was 5 meters deeper than her old record, 85 meters from 2008.

With this Natalia has acheived the title of being the Athlete with most World Records, a total of 26 WR. One record more than the flying fish from Austria, Herbert Nitsch.

This dive took place in Sharm El Sheikh on 27th of September 2009

New World Record – Molchanova CWT 101m

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Natalia Natalia Molchanova of Russia, became the first woman in the world to successfully dive to a depth of 100 meters on one breath in the discipline of Constant Weight. Natalia actually surpassed the triple digits with a dive to 101 meters in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Her total dive time was 3 minutes and 50 seconds. The previous CWT record was held by Sara Campbell, from the UK. Sara made a dive to 96 meters at the Vertical Blue competition earlier this year.

This is the 25th World Record for Natalia Molchanova, and everyone from Freedive Egypt wish her big congratulations!

Denise Discovers Freediving

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Denise has enjoyed snorkelling all over the world but had never had any instruction on how to freedive and couldn’t understand the pain in her ears when she tried to dive under the water.

When she met me she was thinking of giving Scuba Diving a try but was concerned about being under the water with so much water on top of her!  After a late night conversation she decided to give freediving a try.
The next morning although a bit nervous Denise was also excited to find out what freediving was all about. Throughout the theory session she had several light bulb moments finding out all about pressure and how it affects the air spaces and specifically the ears! Now she knew why she felt pain going down, she didn’t know how to equalise.

During the static session in the pool relaxing wasn’t easy as a spinning teacher and all round sporty fanatic the muscles in her shoulders are so used to being tensed they didn’t want to relax. A bit of in water massage always helps and she was happy to achieve a 1 minute 40 second breath hold! Dynamic was more fun and showed she was used to dolphin kick underwater rather than stereo fining, something she had been doing whenever she made it under the water.
denise after static
A trip into the Red Sea next to get some depth and see some fish! The fish liked to watch as she made her way down the line, swimming over to her to get a better look and then swimming for cover in their coral covered rope. Denise used all that she had learnt in the morning, put into practice in the afternoon and was happy diving down and swimming underwater.
She wanted to see the sunrise in the Desert so we combined this with her certification ceremony while watching the sunrise over the Red Sea with the Red Sea Mountain range in the background. What a wonderful way to learn how to dive.

You can see more picture by following this link

Road Trip – Hurghada to Hamata

Friday, September 18th, 2009

We decided to go on a road trip down to Hamata to see the Mangroves and enjoyed looking at the amazing views of the Read Sea Coastline along the way.

Hope you like the pictures 

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Road to NowhereDesertBeach in Hamata

 The MangrovesTrees in the SeaSalt Flats

 Desert and SeaVisitors on the way backEntrance to Port Ghalib