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Learning from the Master

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Patrick Musimu Deepest Man in the World

The first man ever recorded to dive beyond the 200 meters comes to Makadi Bay

Aquarius Diving Club is very happy to have World Champion Freediver Patrick Musimu running a clinic from our Makadi Bay Centre, Red Sea, Egypt. This clinic ‘Understanding yourself and increasing your depth performance’ will be conducted by Patrick Musimu. Corporate speaker, Sports & Mental coach and Free Diving champion, Patrick Musimu is the first man ever recorded to dive beyond the 200 meters mental barrier on a single breath. Patrick doesn’t teach free diving but rather guide people in their progression to what he calls "The Art of Free Diving". He is well known for his Air Cavity Flooding technique (equalizing his ears and sinuses by flooding them with sea water instead of air), and for developing ‘dry’ Gym training for free diving. Our Freediving Instructor Suzanne Pugh said ‘This is a fantastic oportunity to dive with the deepest man in the world and increase our own depth at the same time’.

Makadi Bay is a perfect training location as within the bay area we can reach 100m depth and be sheltered from the waves of the open sea.

For more information about Patrick Musimu visit his official website