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Confirmed Course Dates for 2011… So Far!

Monday, January 10th, 2011

The following are confirmed AIDA course dates so far for 2011 if you would like to join in.

If you are travelling at another time please mail me to check availability.

January 2011

1 Star Course – 19th January 2011

2 Star Course – 20th – 22nd January 2011

Freedive Safari – 23rd – 30th January 2011

March 2011

1 Star Course – 24th March 2011

2 Star Course – 25th – 27th March 2011

2 Star Course – 29th – 31st March 2011

April 2011

1 Star Course – 10th April 2011

2 Star Course – 11th – 13th April 2011

2 Star Course – 24th – 26th April 2011

3 Star Course – 27th – 29th April 2011

May 2011

2 Star Course – 5th – 7th May 2011 

Depth Training 12th – 15th May 2011

2 Star Open Water Referral Course – 22nd – 23rd May 2011 

1 Star Course – 29th May 2011

June 2011

1 Star Course – 3rd June 2011

2 Star Course – 4th – 6th June 2011

3 Star Course – 8th – 10th June 2011

2 Star Course – 21th – 24th June 2011

Depth Training 25th – 26th June 2011

1 Star Course – 27th June 2011

July 2011

Judging Sharm El Sheik – 8th – 15th July 2011

2 Star Course – 22nd – 24th July 2011

August 2011

2 Star Course – 20th – 22nd July 2011

September 2011

1 Star Course – 6th Septebmer 2011

1 Star Course – 7th September 2011

2 Star Course – 8th – 10th September 2011

3 Star Course – 12th – 14th September 2011

1 Star Course – 19th Septebmer 2011

2 Star Course – 20th – 22nd September 2011

2 Star Course – 24th – 26th September 2011

October 2011

Judging Sharm El Sheik 1st – 10th October 2011

2 Star Course – 16th – 18th October 2011



The Great Northern: UK National (with guests) Pool Competition 2011

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Apneists UK are delighted to be able to announce that once again we will be holding the BFA UK National Pool Freediving Competition with International status. It will be held at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre, Wavertree on Sunday 13th March 2011. The event will once again be called ‘The Great Northern’ because we can’t be bothered thinking of anything better and we liked that name anyway. We will be hosting the Static (STA) and Dynamic with Fins (DYN) disciplines.


 Everybody is welcome!

The spaces are for seasoned athletes and also those new to the sport. I will ensure all the information you require if you are a ‘newbie’ is given to you and we will make sure you are welcomed and look after you. Everyone starts somewhere! There are around 27 spaces (this can be increased) to compete and you will receive an AIDA World ranking. Last year we saw many personal bests set and a NR at the venue because of the excellent facilities, relaxed atmosphere and ….. I suppose the athletes themselves J The ‘with guests’ tag means that although it is the UK National competition that even if you are not a UK citizen you can compete, and in fact we would encourage it, Liverpool is next to a major city, and itself has an airport / trains for easy access. You could be amongst the next generation of successful Freedivers, or maybe you already are! What are you waiting for?


We are also welcome those wanting to help. Some jobs are essential, the whole competition is set up to support the competing athletes so if you want to help let me know, we need at least 15-20 people to make it run smoothly.

 Contact Steve Millard:

The Liverpool Aquatics Centre was the perfect venue last year for a Great competition. At the heart of the state-of-the-art facility is an Olympic sized pool with moveable floor, which is used as a training camp by some of the world’s best swimmers in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games. Aside from the main pool (which can be divided into two if required) there is also an additional 20 metre training pool.

For the Great Northern 2011 event the 20 metre training pool will be used in the morning to host the STA event and the 50m Olympic pool to hold the DYN event.

The Great Northern will provide the ideal opportunity for athletes in the UK and from the continent to gain AIDA ranking to be counted for their National Team selection. Focusing on STA and DYN. It’s also the perfect place to meet other Freedivers and meet some of the personalities in the sport. Please go to for pictures, testimonials and any other information from last years competition. I will update this soon.

Convinced? Please go here for your enrolment form.

Still not convinced? Turn up anyway, there is a free viewing gallery and after you have seen what its all about we will probably see you competing at next years event J

Steve Millard