Maurice and Colin’s AIDA 2* Course

First dive in the Red Sea

We did theory and pool work as usual on the first day of a 2* AIDA course but the boys were so excited and they could see the sea… so had to give them some time to explore and see some fish!  They were like school kids let out on a break.  There first experience of the Red Sea, fish and corals on a small scale from the beach, some soft corals around the marina and flying fish too.

When they came out of the water you can just see the smiles on their faces, this was the beginning of an exciting few days discovering the Red Sea and her many wonders.



They completed the 2* course after just 3 days and were wonderful students who listened and excelled themselves both reaching over 20 metres in depth and looking good in the water!  Even the turtle was impressed by their finning at the end of the course!  Then it was time to relax before a trip to Cairo today.

Day off on Sunday and then we start with the 3* course on Monday!  Still one place left if you would like to join mail me today :-)

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