Egypt changes mobile phone numbers

CAIRO In an attempt to accommodate a growing number of mobile phone users, Egypt s National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has decided to add an 11th digit to all current 10 digit phone numbers.

Current 11 digit numbers will also change.

The change goes into effect today, Thursday, although there will be a four-month grace period during which both the old and the new numbers will work.

The new digit will be added after the 01 at the beginning of each mobile number, and the added number is different for each of Egypt s three mobile providers 2 for Mobinil, 1 for Etisalat, and 0 for Vodafone.

According to a report by the government-run Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, the number of mobile phone users in Egypt increased by 22.2 percent in 2010, reaching a total of 59 million users.

To determine which number should be added to any old mobile number, see the list below

Mobinil (old -> new)

012 XXX XXXX -> 0122 XXX XXXX
017 XXX XXXX -> 0127 XXX XXXX
018 XXX XXXX -> 0128 XXX XXXX
0150 XXX XXXX -> 0120 XXX XXXX


011 XXX XXXX -> 0111 XXX XXXX
014 XXX XXXX -> 0114 XXX XXXX
0152 XXX XXXX -> 0112 XXX XXXX


010 XXX XXXX -> 0100 XXX XXXX
016 XXX XXXX -> 0106 XXX XXXX
019 XXX XXXX -> 0109 XXX XXXX
0151 XXX XXXX -> 0101 XXX XXXX

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  1. admin says:

    Welcome. The old numbers no longer work so must now use these numbers. If you want to change your phone book you can go into a vodafone shop and they will do it for you.

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