Mikes memorable holiday!

Mike thought it would just be another family holiday but after talking to his stepson Giulio who has already done his AIDA 1* and 2* with me he decided to give freediving a try!

He said ‘Giulio is so animated about freediving and how much he is enjoying it that I wanted to try it too’.

[“So proud of Daddy!”]

Mike was a very attentive student, listened and went through the AIDA * course with a mix of ‘oh this is new’ and ‘oh this feels great’!  We saw clown fish, squirel fish, a nudibranch, lots of gobies and crabs and all just off the beach :-) Think a day on the boat is called for now.  Lula (above) wanted her picture taken too, much more interesting than a certificate!  So so cute!  Well done Mike and keep up with the relaxation!

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