Dave Tranfield reaches 102m

Dave told me he was going to be in Sharm doing some training so I thought what a great excuse for me to go and have some fun training too!

We arrived at the dive centre and all was flat so time to get ready for his 102 metre training dive.  In the 30 minutes it took to get everything ready (Andrea and his team from Freediving World are a well oiled machine) the wind changed and waves were getting larger.  Thankfully Dave is very relaxed in the water even when the wind is blowing.


Totally focused on the sled and just listening to his coach Andrea about equalization he took a big breath and gave the signal to release the sled.  Disappearing into the depths the safety divers held onto the line and waited to see if he was going to stop early or go all the way to the plate.  He passed the turn zone and noises through Andrea’s snorkel said he was going for the bottom.  He made it!!!!! 102 metres into the depth.  Safety are poised ready for his return waiting for the signal from Andrea… waiting… waiting… then first safety goes… second safety goes… the sled is in sight… then Dave is on the surface with a HUGE smile on his face! He did it again! 102m! what a star!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS hug from Andrea, another goal reached and ready for the next time……..

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