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Ocean Dreams – take on Freediving!

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

I have known Tina and Bob from Ocean Dreams for over 10 years and whenever freediving was discussed the general response from Nurse Tina was – it’s not natural!  So over the years they have done deep technical diving…. they have done rebreather diving… and lots and lots of scuba diving!  So on this trip when Tina said that they would like to try freediving I almost fell off the boat!  Sabrina and Beth came along to discover freediving too :-)

Didn’t they do well!!!  All passed with flying colours!  Well done and welcome to the quite side 😉

Lovely Louisa makes 30 metres!

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Louisa came to El Gouna again this June to find the depths of the Red Sea.  We started the AIDA 3* course and she excelled again with her new Mustang C4 fins helping her reach the amazing depth of 30 metres.

Champagne was the only way to celebrate after she swam up from 30m with water in her mask one time, did a self-rescue (pulling on the line) due to cramp also from 30 metres and a sexy dolphin kick dive to 30m too!  Looking forward to going deeper together in October :-)