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بطل مصرى جديد فى رياضة الغوص الحر

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

بطل مصرى جديد يلمع فى عالم الغوص الحر. محمد المكاوى أول مدرب غوص حر مصرى من منظمة إس إس أى SSI . إستطاع بفضل الله أن يحقق أرقام مصرية قياسية جديدة فى بطولة AIDA Cyprus pool games و التى أقيمت بقبرص بالعاصمة نيكوسيا يوم الأحد الموافق 21 / 4 / 2013. الأرقام كانت فى إثنين من فئات الغوص الحر فى حمام السباحة و اصبح حامل الرقم المصرى الحالى فى فئة حبس النفس الساكن فى المكان Static Apnea بوقت 5:54 دقيقة و فئة السباحة الديناميكية تحت الماء بدون زعانفDynamic without fins بمسافة50 متر.


محمد المكاوى هو الحاصل أول ميدالية دهبية فى هذة البطولة لتحقيق أعلى رقم Static Apnea.


و بذلك يصبح نجما مصريا جديدا فى سماء الغوص الحر و نتمنى له كل التوفيق و المذيد من النجاحات و الإنجازات.


الجدير بالذكر أنة إفتتح مؤخرا أول مركز غوص حر من منظمة SSI فى قبرص فى مدينة لارناكا حيث يقيم ، و لكنه أيضا يخطط للمجىء لمصر لتدريب من يرغب من المصريين على الغوص الحر و بناء فريق مصرى قوى يستطيع المنافسة فى بطولات الغوص الحر.


للمذيد من المعلومات عن محمد المكاوى إضغط على الرابط التالى







First Egyptian Freediving Instructor!

Monday, March 18th, 2013

My name is Mohamed Elmekkawi; I am the first and only Egyptian SSI freediving instructor in the WORLD!

I have been working as a scuba diving professional for the past 10 years and can now add Freediving professional to my resume.

My story started when I was 6 years old, my dad taught me how to swim in the open sea, I was a bit different from other kids, I liked to swim where there we no people around so I could find some fish to dive with and look at.  Swimming for me was the means to go far and then dive down to watch fish underwater, at that time I didn’t know it was called freediving!!!

As I got older my passion to do the same thing was increasing and my breath-hold time was improving as well, to allow me to stay underwater longer and enjoy watching fish, until I could hold my breath for over 4 minutes.

I never knew that a 4 minute breath hold means anything in the freediving world, until one evening I was watching a movie about freediving called The Free Diver.  This is a story about a famous freediver who has been discovered by an instructor as she could hold her breath for 4 minutes, before any kind of formal training.  After seeing this I was shocked and now I understood that a 4 minute breath hold meant I was good!

I was so happy to know that and I started to do some research online to find any freediving professional to get some directions and advice on how I should start  proper training and courses and that was in 2009 when I contacted Suzanne from Freedive Egypt

As it was winter time in Greece, I had no chance to do any water training for Freediving, but Suzanne was always advising me via emails on how to train on land and get ready, she guided me all the way through by giving me directions and contacts of people and places near me to go and train.

This year when I decided to do my freediving instructor course, Suzanne has advised me and directed me to where I can do that too.

The result is now I am the first and only Egyptian SSI freediving instructor.

I was also lucky this year to finally meet Suzanne who advised me all the way without even meeting me before.  Now I can advise others and help them grow their freediving.

Special thanks to Suzanne for supporting me all the way.