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Martin Stepanek World Record Attempts

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Packed and ready to go over to Sharm el Sheik to Judge Martin Stepaneks’ record attempts for Constant Weight, Constant Weight without fins and Free Immersion.

Bye bye Hurghada…. Hello Sharm el Sheikh!

First day was interesting. Picked up at the airport by Honza and taken straight to the hotel so we made it in time for lunch  Result! Honza asked if you are ready to go in the water then Martin is training at 2.30! I met the other judge Miguèl Vannieuwenhoven ( and we arranged to go out to the platform to watch. There was the huge barracuda nicknamed Luca, hanging around at 15 metres with rather big teeth! There were some other freedivers training with Andreas on one platform and Martin and his team on the other.  Martin’s team had his lovely wife Niki and organizer David doing freedive safety, videographers, photographers, lots of technical divers and lots of smiling faces, really good to see! Martin did some variable dives and looks like he is ready for some records!

First night in a new place is always a bit strange. What made it stranger were the Michal Jackson greatest hits from the Hotels DJ. Thankfully it stopped at 11 so I could get some sleep. Unfortunately my body didn’t want the same thing and at 5.30 decided that I should be wide awake. Good photo’s from the balcony though. We had a meeting after breakfast and were given cool event T-shirts and nice yellow Judge t-shirt, don’t think anyone is going to miss us!

Line measuring is always fun and in the heat we built up a bit of a sweat too! How many men does it take to measure a line? Quite a few, but it is a rather long line!

Another World Record for Natalia

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Natalia Molchanova of Russia did it again, a NEW World Record in the discipline of Free Immersion!  She reached the amazing depth of –90 meters. This was 5 meters deeper than her old record, 85 meters from 2008.

With this Natalia has acheived the title of being the Athlete with most World Records, a total of 26 WR. One record more than the flying fish from Austria, Herbert Nitsch.

This dive took place in Sharm El Sheikh on 27th of September 2009

New World Record – Molchanova CWT 101m

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Natalia Natalia Molchanova of Russia, became the first woman in the world to successfully dive to a depth of 100 meters on one breath in the discipline of Constant Weight. Natalia actually surpassed the triple digits with a dive to 101 meters in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Her total dive time was 3 minutes and 50 seconds. The previous CWT record was held by Sara Campbell, from the UK. Sara made a dive to 96 meters at the Vertical Blue competition earlier this year.

This is the 25th World Record for Natalia Molchanova, and everyone from Freedive Egypt wish her big congratulations!

The 5th Individual AIDA World Championship 2009

Friday, August 28th, 2009

In Dynamic Apnea:

New National records for Germany, UK, Slovenia, France, New Zealand, Norway,

and a New Continental Record for Japan.

In Static Apnea:

New National record for the UK, Finland, Venezuela and Lithuania.

In Dyanamic Without Fins:

New National record for Greece, Germany and Nanja van den Broek a dutch competitor.

Also an amazing 160m NEW WORLD RECORD for Russia!

Well done everyone!